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Privacy and Terms of rental


  1. Security and privacy

    1. We promise to handle your personal information that is entered on in a secure manner. In order for you to order in our contact form, we need personal information such as name, address and e-mail address. We are required to keep this information in connection with our accounting. In addition, your choice of payment will affect who we share your personal data with. Your connection to our pages is encrypted (https).

    2. Packraft rental Rogaland processes personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Act. Your contact information will never be made available to external registers or other businesses, the exception being

      1. We may have to release personal data if there is any legally binding judgment.

  2. Reservation

    1. We reserve the right for any typographical and product errors on our pages.
      Packraft rental Rogaland wishes you a good deal and would very much like you to get in touch if anything is unclear or if you are dissatisfied.


Terms of rental

  1. Terms apply to

    1. Anyone who rents equipment from Packraftutleie Rogaland, either as an association, company or private person.

    2. Orders can be made on our website, or directly by email

  2. Payment terms

    1. If not stated otherwise, our prices for rental products are calculated by calendar days. For collection of equipment the day before, or hire beyond several calendar days, the price is agreed in advance, and will be set in the contract issued at the start of the hire. Our website will be updated at all times with price and rental information.

    2. Will offer payment via VIPPS and invoice.

    3. Payment deadline 10 days (company customers). In the event of a late payment, late payment interest as set out in Norwegian law applies. Private customers must pay in advance with Vipps when collecting / booking.

    4. Complaints for rental must be reported within 5 days from the start of the rental.

    5. The lessee cannot demand a refund of the contract amount, either in part or in full for no rental, truncated rental or unused equipment.

  3. Liability, duties and damages

    1. The age limit for renting at Packraftutleie Rogaland is 18 years.

    2. Packraft rental Rogaland and the company's individuals are not responsible for accidents, personal injuries and consequential damages when using rented equipment. The tenant is himself responsible for checking that the equipment is in proper and safe condition before use.

    3. Packraft rental Rogaland controls and checks equipment before and after rental, but for transport and safety reasons the whole and full responsibility rests with the hirer.

    4. The lessee is obliged to possess the necessary competence for rented equipment.

    5. As a tenant, you are obliged to follow the instructions given for the use and maintenance of rented equipment. The tenant is responsible for all damage to equipment, the exception being wear and tear during normal use.

    6. The lessee is obliged to return the equipment free of damage and in a clean condition. If necessary, Packraftutleie Rogaland can hold the tenant liable, and repair damage and carry out the necessary cleaning at the tenant's expense.

    7. In the event of loss, theft, lost or damaged equipment, the tenant is invoiced for the replacement value. In the event of damage beyond normal wear and tear, the tenant will be invoiced for repairs. The equipment is comprehensively insured with a deductible of NOK 4,000. This will be charged to the tenant if the repair does not correspond to the bill (total damage).

    8. Insurance does not cover river rafting and is therefore prohibited for equipment rented by Packraftutleie Rogaland.

    9. The rental contract entered into applies between Packraftutleie Rogaland and the lessee. Leased equipment cannot be sub-leased, disposed of by anyone other than the lessee himself or transported out of Norway (rentals for foreign countries must be agreed separately).

    10. In the event of theft or vandalism, the tenant must report it immediately to the Police and Packraft rental Rogaland.

    11. The tenant is himself responsible for taking out any necessary insurance for people and equipment.

  4. Rental period and cancellation

    1. From the start of the rental stipulated in the contract, until the equipment is returned to Packraftutleie Rogaland, the entire period is considered the rental period. Rental cost for subsequent calendar days according to the current price list on our website. The tenant is obliged to pay even if the equipment is not picked up, and in case of late return there may be a late fee as well as a fee for lost rental income.

    2. Cancellation can be made up to 7 calendar days before the start of the rental, with a full refund of the contract amount, against a cancellation fee of NOK 300.

    3. The lessee is obliged to return the equipment free of damage and in a clean condition. In the event of any damage, the tenant is obliged to inform the landlord.

  5. Force majeure

    1. Packraft rental Rogaland will endeavor to deliver all orders, but cannot be held responsible for unforeseen events that cannot be controlled or avoided.

  6. Packraft rental Rogaland - Our duties

    1.  Packraft rental Rogaland is not responsible for any costs, losses and inconveniences the tenant may incur if the landlord cannot deliver at the agreed time - the agreed rental amount is refunded if the rental period expires in its entirety.

Last updated 24.06.2022

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